Theal the Unstable

Theal the Unstable is a hostile boss mob found in the Mushroom Fields Outpost on the Overworld. It is a mentally unstable mage who uses dangerous magic. Theal's boss fight changes from enounter to encounter so knowing what each state does is very important to your survival!


Theal the Unstable has a 1% chance of spawning in Mushroom Fields Outpost every 12 hours.


Theal the Unstable has 1500 health points and deals 15 damage. Each time he is fought, his boss fight will change as in the states he uses, and what order he uses them in will change. It's entirely possible for him to stay one state the entire fight! He will NEVER use all 4 states in one fight!


Elemental States

Ice (Debuff State)

  • Turns into his ice state and begins to cast ice related skills and debuffs. His weakest state. [Skill List]

  • Aura of Frost (Passive) - Constantly slows down players within close range of him. Ranged is suggested.

  • Frost Bolt - Consistantly fires bolts of frost towards his target that deals 13 damage and slows them down for 5 seconds. Doesn't ignore armor.

  • Summon Frost Pools - Summons Frost Pools that freeze the ground and slow down and deal damage to any players nearby them dealing 5 hp per second while standing in it. Doesn't ignore armor. Avoiding them is your best option.

Fire (Damage State)

  • Turns into his fire state and begins to cast fire related skills [Skill List]

  • Fire Bolt - Consistantly fires bolts of fire towards his target that deals 20 damage and explodes on contact as well as lighting them on fire for 4 seconds. Doesn't ignore armor. Keeping your distance from him in this state is highly advised! -=Dangerous Skill=-

  • Summon Flame Pools - Summons Flame Pools that ignite the ground and any players that cross into them dealing 5 hp per second while standing in it. Doesn't ignore armor. Avoiding them is your best option.

Darkness (Damage Over Time/Damage State)

  • Turns into his darkness state and begins to cast darkness related skills [Skill List]

  • Withering Aura (Passive) - Constantly inflicts wither to anyone nearby him. -=Dangerous Skill=-

  • Wither Skull Shot - Consistantly shoots 2 wither skulls that moderate damage and inflicts wither or wither II (Depends on server difficulty). Doesn't ignore armor.

  • Open Shadow Portals - Opens 2 Shadow Portals nearby him that spawn Lesser Living Shadows to attack his enemies. -=Dangerous Skill=-

Destruction (Damage/Support State)

  • Turns into his most dangerous of states. Using physical attacks as well as summoning allies into battle! [Skill List]

  • Bash (Passive) - Bashes his enemy with a 20% on each attack dealing extra damage and stunning them for 4 seconds. Doesnt ignore armor. 10 sec cooldown between usages.

  • Charge - Charges towards his enemy at breakneck speed. Dealing increased damage if he makes contact with his target during this attack. Doesn't ignore armor.

  • Summon Allies - Summons 1 Renegade Bear Rider, 3 Renegade Axemen, 2 Renegade Repulsors and 1 Renegade Scythe Lord in a 6 block radius around him. -=Dangerous Skill=-

Theal's Allies

Renegade Axeman Health: 35 Armor Points: 7 Damage: 3 + 1 (Iron Axe)

Renegade Repulsor (Ranged) Health: 75 Armor Points: 7 Damage: 1-12

Renegade Bear Rider (Ranged) Health: 105 Armor Points: 7 Damage: 1-12 Skills:

  • Crippling Arrows - Arrows inflict Slowness I and Weakness I.

Renegade War Bear Health: 50 Armor Points: 0 Damage: 7

Renegade Scythe Lord (Ranged & Melee) Health: 200 Armor Points: 7 Damage: 12 Skills:

  • Dark Beam - Shoots a dark beam projectile at the enemy every 15 seconds. Deals 4 hp and inflicts Hunger I for 15 sec and Wither II for 5 sec.

Shadow Portal Health: 225 Armor Points: 0 Skills:

  • Summon Lesser Living Shadow - Summons a Lesser Living Shadow every 15 seconds.

  • Portal Destablize - After 3 minutes the portal destablizes and closes.

Lesser Living Shadow Health: 35 Damage: 7 Armor Points: 2 NOTE: Particles must be enabled to see them otherwise you won't be able to hit them.

Loot drops





Golden Carrots



Golden Apples




Potion of Swiftness



Potion of Strength



Potion of Regeneration



Potion of Fire Resistance



Potion of Invisibility





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